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Book:New Plant Parent: Develop Your Green Thumb and Care for Your House- Plant Family 

by Darryl Cheng
Book:New Plant Parent: Develop Your Green Thumb and Care for Your House-Plant Family (EPUB)


The first tagline I used for my blog, House Plant Journal, was: “A journal for my house plants.” Although it was completely redundant, I wanted to emphasize that I would be documenting my experiences with my house plants—I enjoyed watching them grow and change. Naturally, when I started out, I looked to books and the Internet for guidance. As I read more and more plant-care advice, I found an imbalance, where the appreciation of house plants was assumed to be mostly visual, while their maintenance was looked upon as a chore, focused on identifying and solving problems. Hardly anyone talked about the long-term satisfaction of owning house plants. Instead, there was an accumulation of “tips and tricks” that would lead one to believe that plants are either super-easy to care for, requiring little consideration of environmental conditions, or finicky drama queens that keel over and die if you don’t stand there and mist them every five minutes.

Product details:

File Size:   98 Mb
Paperback:  208 pages
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams (March 19, 2019)
Language: English
Format: EPUB

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