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READ BOOK: Vertical Vegetable Gardening: Discover the Many Benefits of Growing Your Vegetables and Fruit Up Instead of Out

by Chris McLaughlin
READ BOOK Vertical Vegetable Gardening Discover the Many Benefits of Growing Your Vegetables and Fruit Up Instead of Out by Chris McLaughlin (PDF)

I’ve always gardened in places where there have been more people than cows or tractors. Garden beds in these places were never as big as I’d planned and were soon devoured by just a couple of plants. in order that they filled themselves up and that i tried to try to to things differently.
I wish I could say that I had a stroke of genius or like some crazed, brilliant, horticultural Einstein i started sketching structural masterpieces on the rear of napkins. No, the reality is that I’m extremely average. I learned about plants, soil, and microclimates by trying, failing, and eventually succeeding. I still fail, and that i still succeed—gardening is cool like that.
I gleaned the lion’s share of any information I even have from the generous gardeners I’ve met along the way. The clever ideas during this book are not any exception. We gardeners are zealous in our efforts to share seeds, cuttings, stories, recipes, and advice.
After all, the entire point of gardening is to grow things, and a gardener’s personal growth is probably the foremost important. the sole way i do know for that to happen is to question, attempt, discover, and share. Gardeners are excellent at this stuff .
So come on in and see what the creative gardening folk everywhere this country have come up with in order that everyone can plant, grow, and harvest crops in their own backyard regardless of where they reside.


Part 1: The Beauty and Bounty of Vertical Gardening
1 The Vertical Advantage
2 Vertical Garden Structures and Containers
3 Make Your Own Bed
4 DIY Structures from Scratch
5 Creative Repurposing 
Part 2: The Basics: Soil and Seed 
6 Garden Soil 101..
7 A Plant Primer
Part 3: Tending the Vertical Vegetable Garden 
8 Feed, Water, and Nurture...
9 What’s Bugging You?
Part 4: Vegetables and Fruit That Enjoy Growing Up
10 (Literally) Vertical Vegetables
11 Vertically Challenged Veggies
12 Vertical Fruit.
13 The Vertical Herb Garden

Product details:
    File Size:   5 Mb
    Paperback:  288 pages
    Publisher:  Alpha (December 31, 2012)
    Language: English
    Format: PDF

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